What are the most SUGOI titles? – Nationwide vote for Japan’s latest masterpieces.

SUGOI JAPAN Award2017 is the 3rd annual nationwide vote for manga, anime, ranobe (light novel)* and entertaining novel* works. Japanese fans will join and cast a ballot in this unprecedented poll to choose the works that should be given an opportunity to go abroad and become global hits. The nominees were selected from what published after January 1st, 2013 for publications while the earliest animation nominee was started broadcasting in July, 2015.
The last year’s SUGOI JAPAN gathered approximately 70 thousand votes. You will also enjoy digging into masterpieces by visiting the last year’s result.

What does “SUGOI” mean?
“SUGOI” is a Japanese word for “amazing”, “wonderful” and “great”.

SUGOI JAPAN Award2017 Timeline

What’s SUGOI 20?
SUGOI 20 are the latest distinguished works chosen by fans and experts.
20 works are nominated in each genre.

* Ranobe (light novel): A type of novel mainly targeting relatively younger readers. It usually spotlights unique characters and is often published with an anime-like illustrated cover. Doug Liman’ s film “Edge of Tomorrow” , for instance, is originated a ranobe “All You Need is Kill”.

* Entertaining novels: Mystery, thriller, science fiction, fantasy, humor, and so on.