Qualidea Code series

Qualidea Code series(all 4 works)

"Kuzu to Kinka no Qualidea"
Sō Sagara,Wataru Watari(Speakeasy),Saboten

"Sonna Sekai wa Kowashiteshimae: Qualidea Code"(1-2 volumes)
Sō Sagara(Speakeasy),Kantoku

"Itsuka Sekai wo Sukū Tame ni: Qualidea Code"(1-2 volumes)
Kōshi Tachibana(Speakeasy),Kiyotaka Haimura

"Dōdemo Ii Sekai Nante: Qualidea Code"
Wataru Watari(Speakeasy),Saitom

©さがら総・渡 航(Speakeasy)・仙人掌/集英社ダッシュエックス文庫

This work is the brainchild of three of today's leading young adult fiction novelists who have come together to create a story taking place in one shared world. The battle to protect humanity has already begun!


In 2020, an invasion of class-1 hazardous creatures, later called the "Unknown," takes place, with the world on the brink of destruction. Humanity comes together to fight back, and civilians are put into a cold sleep, ready to be rejuvenated in peacetime. At the end of the battle, eight years later, humanity succeeds in expelling the Unknown from the inland areas. Now, in Japan twenty-nine years since the invasion, a group of children who have emerged from cold sleep work at the Southeastern Defense Forces, a resistance organization, and they compete against each other. Over their years of long slumber, these children developed a special ability called "World."


This series of books is the work of So Sagara, Koshi Tachibana, and Wataru Watari, who have gone beyond their respective publishers to create something new and shared. The story takes place in Tokyo, Chiba, and Kanagawa twenty-nine years since the unknown attack, with the past and future of these events being depicted and the story unfolding in a palpable, three-dimensional fashion. With "shared universe" projects, it is typical for each author to create their own storylines within a common world or theme. In this series, however, the authors have created their own signature characters and developed them into a single and unified world together, creating a deeper feel.


・2016 : Adapted into anime.
・2016 : Adapted into Manga.