GODS' WISHGRANTER(1-5 volumes)

Natsu Asaba

A forlorn guy down on his luck is chosen to serve the gods. The heartwarming tale of a youth and his travails to help the compassionate gods.


Yoshihiko finds a job through the amateur corporate baseball team leagues he's involved in, but shortly after joining the company, he fractures his right knee. Furthermore, the company's worsening finances lead them to scrap the baseball club. Having lost his sense of place, Yoshihiko finds himself back to drifting between jobs just six months later. One day, returning home a stroll, he saves an old man who is hunkered down. The man hands him a document called the Noritogotonosho. Just what is this book, with its long list of the names of gods? He asks a childhood friend, Kotaro, who works at a shrine, but he has no idea. While at the shrine, Yoshihiko meets Kogane, a fox deity, who tells the man that he has been assigned to carry out the gods' orders.


Over the years, people have lost faith in religion, and this has caused the gods' power to weaken. This concerning concept is used to great effect by this story, which depicts the gods in a fascinating way. Their requests, however, are often petty, like, "bring me some snacks" or, "give me some tips for this videogame." These are almost the kinds of requests you would expect from annoying relatives in your neighborhood. But as the protagonist clears these tasks, a unique affection and bond forms between him and the gods. Not only does this soothe the lonesome gods, but it heals his own wounds after he fails to achieve his dreams of baseball.


・2016 : Adapted into Manga.
・Sold over 1.1 million copies as the series (as of 2016) .