Half or yes or no

Half or yes or no(1-3 volumes)

Michi Ichiho , Lala Takemiya

A prim and proper demeanor on the outside, but a nasty streak on the inside. Kei Kunieda is a popular TV announcer who meets his soul mate and opens up in this story of male love.


Kei Kunieda is a young and popular TV announcer. The flawless way in which he handles accidents and his sweet demeanor have earned him the nickname of "Prince," but on the inside, he's a sharp talker with a mean streak and a penchant for calling viewers the "ignorant masses." He's had to hold this part of his personality back, so the only time he enjoys himself is off camera. One day, he disguises himself and heads into town, when he bumps into Ushio Tsuzuki, an animator he met during an interview. Kei inadvertently injures Ushio and offers to compensate him with money, but he will have nothing of it -- instead, he insists that Kei help him with some work, unaware of Kei's true form.


Kei Kunieda's split personality is drawn in careful detail, and readers will first be shocked at his wildly differing sides. At the same time, the work underscores his hard-working attitude to keep both of these personalities in the balance. As Kei's off-air personality slowly mellows from a haughty demeanor, he takes on a certain charm. Even more interesting is the way the seemingly brash Kei is actually timid at heart. Tsuzuki is almost an intruder in the private, hidden life of Kei, and he pokes and prods until he finally penetrates his inner world in this drama that hugs at the heartstrings.