Danganronpa Kirigiri

Danganronpa Kirigiri(1-4 volumes)

Takekuni Kitayama , Rui Komatsuzaki
Star Seas Company

The classic fun of unraveling a mystery is enhanced with action and suspense elements in this spinoff work based on the middle school years of a character from the popular game franchise.


Yui Samidare is a sixteen year-old high schooler and detective who receives a mysterious case and makes her way to an astronomical observatory to find out more. She meets up with four other detectives, among them Kyoko Kirigiri, a middle schooler from the same school. What they discover is a gruesome and unexplainable slaughter at the observatory. Yui works with Kyoko to uncover the truth, discovering the existence of a secret society, the Crime Victim Relief Committee, that is actually manipulating victims. Yui and Kyoko go on to face new and tricky challenges like a "detectives' auction" and a series of locked room mysteries, using their deduction and wiles to solve the case. This is a spinoff work based on the popular games and depicted in a large and bold scale.


We get a glimpse of the middle school days of high schooler Kyoko Kirigiri from the adventure game Danganronpa, told in a completely new story in this spinoff work by a mystery novelist. This is a tale of unique detectives squaring off against a mysterious secret society, with a sense of excitement that rivals what you'd find in a Hollywood work. The thrilling story and extreme missions the characters face are a major part of the appeal. At the same time, this work stands on its own as a sophisticated mystery and is sure to delight both fans of Kyoko and newcomers who have not played the games before.