How Many Miles to the Truth

How Many Miles to the Truth

Honobu Yonezawa

A story featuring a female journalist whose sharp insights lead her to the truth behind a crime. This Naoki Prize candidate deftly tells the story of the unsung many.


A male and female high school student from Mie Prefecture go missing and the bodies are later discovered. The site of their death is renamed Koigasaneshinju, or "Site of the Lovers' Double Suicide," and it is widely scooped by the media. Tsuru, a reporter for a weekly magazine, meets up with Machi Tachiarai, a freelance journalist, and they begin interviewing those involved. This story contains six parts, among them the unexpected reality behind the lovers' suicide in "Koigasaneshinju," an exploration of the role of the press in "Successful Tightrope Walks," which revolves around interviews of a couple miraculously rescued from a landslide, and other tales. This is a collection of short mysteries featuring Machi Tachiarai, a journalist attuned to the sad realities of these incidents and with a knack for finding the truth.


From tales of corporate bankruptcy at startups to accidents on train tracks, the stories feel real and relevant to today's issues. The six episodes expertly pick up the feel of contemporary Japan. The last scene in which Tachiarai uncovers the truth behind a case that everyone had overlooked is unexpected and thrilling. The writing is tightly wound and expertly draws on small points the reader has missed to create surprising twists. This is a collection of hit after hit that depict the bittersweet reality of life.


・2016 : Nominated for the 155th "Naoki Award".