your name.: A Novel

your name.: A Novel

Makoto Shinkai

A youth in Tokyo becomes unexpectedly implicated with a girl from Itomoricho, a village deep in the mountains. This unlikely pair find their fates intertwine in a cosmic and divine way.


Taki is a young boy who wakes up one morning to find himself transformed into a girl he's never met before. The body belongs to Mitsuha, a girl from Miyamizu Shrine in Itomaricho, a remote mountain village. Mitsuha has a dream of her own: she has become a boy her own age and is going to high school in Tokyo, the place of her dreams. This boy is none other than Taki. The two soon realize that their consciousnesses have swapped, and they get to know each other on deeper terms through the world of dreams. The two soon come to realize the true meaning of this meeting.


One feature of this piece is the story of a twist of fate, hinted at through expert foreshadowing. The first half follows the typical coming-of-age story; as it proceeds, Taki attempts to contact Mitsuha, which causes a wrinkle in time, and the plot suddenly takes a science fiction bent. This is told through the plot device of a plaited cord that Mitsuha weaves and the sacred rites of the shrine, as well as an approaching comet. The dynamic development of a story telling traditions that have been passed down for hundreds of years and the overlapping of phenomena that transcend human understanding leaves the reader with bated breath, while the subtle emotional touches tug the heartstrings. Makoto Shinkai's anime work is known for its amazing visuals, while the novel deftly depicts the characters' emotions and scenery, creating a deep and vivid world.


・Sold over 1.3 million copies (as of 2016) .
・A movie based on this work, over 176 hundred million yen at the box office (as of 2016).
・2016 : Nominated for the "Official Competition" for Long piece cartoon film section for 60th "BFI London Film Festival".
・2016 : Won the 49th " Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya" for Anima't section.
・2016 :Special Distinction Prize in the 18th "Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival” for Long piece section and Audience prize in the same festival.