The Ancient Magus' Bride

The Ancient Magus' Bride(1-5 volumes)

Kore Yamazaki
MAG Garden

An unusual sorcerer wins a 15 year-old girl at auction and makes her his apprentice and wife. The strange tale of matrimony and mystery between a girl and nonhumans.


Chise Hatori has no relatives. She is fifteen years old and has always had the ability to see the invisible. Feeling out of place with this power, she decides, in a moment of despair, to travel to England, where she is put at auction on the black market as a Sleigh Beggy, or a special magus. The winning bidder -- at a staggering price -- is Elias Ainsworth, a genuine magus and by no means a human being. Lonely Chise is welcomed into Elias's home as "family," and she begins acting as his disciple. One night, after being tricked into danger by fairies, Chise is rescued by Elias, who reveals that he actually intends to make her his wife...


The story is set in modern-day England. It is a world dominated by fairies and dragons, with Chise and Elias having dark pasts. The story depicts in loving detail how they rely on help from those around them while slowly learning about each other and growing. The nonhuman characters they meet are also expertly crafted. Compared to human Chise, they live long lives, and the flow of life, death, human, nonhuman, reality and alternate reality, past and present creates a bold interlacing of drama. This is a powerful work in which you can soak up a classic fantasy atmosphere.


・2015 : Ranked 1st in "Recommended Manga by booksellers 2015".
・2015 : Ranked 2nd in "Tsugi ni kuru Manga Award2015".
・2015 : Ranked 2nd in "Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2015" for male's section.
・2016 : Adapted into anime.
・Sold over 3 million copies as the series (as of 2016).