My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia(1-9 volumes)

Kohei Horikoshi


How does a timid young boy become the strongest hero?! A classic shonen manga that shows the true appeal of a hero through the growth of a young boy.


A world where approximately 80% of the total world population possesses an extraordinary power called “personal strength.” Crime involving the misuse of personal strength is on the rise, and heroes have come to the spotlight in order to fight for righteousness. Izuku Midoriya, who dreams of becoming the most powerful of heroes, does not possess personal strength and has lost hope in achieving his dream. Then, Izuku meets Almight Hero, who is known as “The Symbol of Peace.” Almight sees Izuku help others while showing no fear of danger to himself and tells Izuku, “You can become a hero.” Izuku receives personal strength from Almight and gains admission to a high school hero academy which has produced countless heroes.


A boy who doesn’t stand out and is normally timid stands against any enemy or danger to save others. His passion shows the true appeal of a real hero beyond superpowers and flashy costumes. Though it is a quintessential shonen manga, some unique characteristics of the story include continuous appearances by villains and heroes with special powers, decision-cut composition and design of characters, and many aspects which will make readers feel the influence of American comics, skillfully combining these two influences. Following this comic being made into an anime, its following has grown. Now it is a major work that contributes to the readership of Shonen Jump.


・2015 : Ranked 5th in "Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2016" for male's section.
・Sold over 4.2 million copies as the series (as of 2016).
・2016 : Adapted into anime. Will be adapted into anime (2nd series).