10 count

10 count(1-4 volumes)

Rihito Takarai

The CEO's secretary is a neat-freak and unexpectedly meets a curt male therapist while seeking help. This is the sensitive story of the bond that develops between them through therapy.


"Are you a clean-freak?" On his first meeting with a blunt-spoken guy, Tadaomi Shirotani, a personal secretary, is asked this question. He is taken aback at having his innermost secret so cleanly revealed. The man is Riku Kurose, a psychosomatic therapist. He decides to personally take on Shirotani's case and vows to fully cure him. Treating acts he would consider impossibly disgusting as a "10" and noting them down in increments of one, Shirotani and Kurose complete a psychological profile together. For a "1," he lists touching a doorknob, which is where therapy begins. Shirotani has developed a gentle persona in order to not offend others with his habits, but his feelings begin to waver as Kurose works with him so directly...


Rihito Takarai is responsible for countless boy-love comics that have swept #1 in the rankings, and this, Takarai's signature work, has sold a cumulative 1.5M copies. The story of sensitive and sensual male romance is depicted in a delicate style. Given his clean-freak habits, Shirotani keeps himself at a physical and emotional distance from those around him, living in a closed-off world. Kurose assumes the position of therapist in treating him, slowly drawing closer. The progression of both treatment and romance has its ups and downs, gradually deepening in what is a skilled depiction. This romantic drama starts from the premise of a protagonist who feels uncomfortable about touching another person with his bare hands. Under that concept, it unfolds in unexpected ways and entrances the reader.


・2014 : Ranked 3rd in "Kono BL ga Yabai! 2015" for Comic section.
・2015 : Ranked 1st in "BL Award 2015" for Comic section.
・2015 : Ranked 1st in "Recommended BL Manga by booksellers 2015".
・2015 : Ranked 1st in "Kono BL ga Yabai! 2016" for Comic section.
・2016 : Ranked 2nd in "BL Award 2016" for Comic section.
・2016 : Ranked 1st in "Recommended BL Manga by booksellers 2016".
・Sold over 1.5 million copies as the series (as of 2016).