Dagashi Kashi

Dagashi Kashi(1-5 volumes)


That girl seemed cute, but it seems she's a candy-loving freak! This unusually intense and gag-filled manga is all about nostalgic dime-store candy.


On the first day of summer vacation, Kokonotsu Shikada, a first-year high schooler, is told he must take up the reins as the ninth-generation heir to "Shikada," the eponymous candy shop run by his father, Yo. But Kokonotsu has his heart set on becoming a cartoonist, so he resists. All of this is turned upside-down when Hotaru Shidare, a beautiful young girl, appears in town. She is obsessed with dime-store candy and is the daughter of a major candy manufacturing company's CEO. Her goal is scooping up Yo and bringing him on as a company man. But Yo refuses to budge until Kokonotsu takes over the shop. Hotaru decides to work her charms on Kokonotsu in order to get him to do just that. She visits the shop on a daily basis while chewing on her favorite candies, toying with Kokonotsu, who is faintly smitten with her.


The unusual Hotaru and the rapid-fire barrage of nonsense spewed by Yo create nonstop hijinks that knock back strait-laced Kokonotsu on his feet and deliver with big belly laughs. This is a classic pattern found in Japanese comedy manga. Many Japanese love this formula, which is enhanced by the focus on dime-story candy, which feels nostalgic in the hearts of many. This comic can be read as a spoof on the recent trend for "cuisine" and "gourmet" manga, or also as a classic "boy meets girl in midsummer" tale of coming of age. There's also lots of lore and backstory to the candy, which actually exists in the real world, and the cute and charming girl only adds to the fun.


・2015 : Ranked 9th in "Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2016" for male's section.
・2016 : Adapted into anime.
・Sold over 1.6 million copies as the series (as of 2016).