GOLDEN KAMUY(1-7 volumes)

Satoru Noda


The key to buried treasure lies in a prisoner's tattoo! Witness death-defying adventures as the protagonist seeks to unravel the mystery, all while enjoying wild game with a cast of Ainu girls.


Saichi Sugimoto is a former army soldier who has a reputation for being "invulnerable." Seeking a fortune in order to make a certain dream a reality, he learns the story of a criminal on death row who killed a group of Ainu and buried their treasure. The gold bullion, converted to today's rates, is worth 800 million yen, and the convict hid the gold somewhere in Hokkaido. The man, still under lock and key, has carved a tattoo on one of his cellmates that contains the map to the treasure. To get the clues, Sugimoto must track down and apprehend the escaped convicts one by one. Along with Ashiripa, a girl who claims she is the daughter of one of the people murdered, Sugimoto goes in hot pursuit of the gold in what promises to be an adventure brimming with danger and human greed...


The main thrust of this story is a classic adventure tale depicting mystery and life-and-death struggles in pursuit of gold. Sugimoto gets ahold of the tattooed map, but assassins begin to appear to steal it from him. This creates a constant feeling of tension. Meanwhile, the journey with Ashiripa becomes a detailed folk manga about the lost ways of the Ainu people. One point of interest is that wild game forms the centerpiece of their cuisine. The comic throws in comedic gags based on cooking the wild game they find on their travels -- doing away with the gruesome and instead focusing on Ashiripa's somewhat gluttonous attitude. This manga throws in everything but the kitchen sink and is a totally new take on historical fiction.


・2015 : Ranked 2nd in "Comic Natalie Award2015".
・2015 : Ranked 2nd in "Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2016" for male's section.
・2016 : Won the "Manga Award 2016".
・Sold over 2.2 million copies as the series (as of 2016).