One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man

Directed by Shingo Natsume , Studio: MADHOUSE

©ONE, Yusuke Murata/SHUEISHA, Hero Association HQ

The invincible hero that defeats anyone with a single blow! With super-realistic audio and video, this amazing anime is a one-two punch for fans of manga and anime alike.


Saitama was a man who started being a hero as a hobby. While looking for a job, he unexpectedly saves a youth from harm. This leads him down the road to his lifelong dream of being a hero. After three years of intensive training, he gained invincible strength.However, because he became too strong, no matter how strong the enemy he settles the score with one punch.“Overwhelming power is boring.” One day, Genos, a young cyborg, appears at Saitama's doorstep and asks to be his apprentice. They both pass the hero exams, allowing them to formally take up work as heroes.


What really stands out is the casual feel of Saitama, the protagonist. While he has a standup demeanor, defending his town from miscreants, he never feels frantic -- his power comes naturally to him. Instead, the tension created by his enemies and other heroes heats up the story, making for frenetic battle scenes. Then Saitama appears and clears everyone with one punch, which feels fresh and cathartic. The charms of the original remain, with its worldview faithfully reproduced. At the same time, the anime brings a new speed and three-dimensionality to things, with lively battle scenes that have garnered acclaim.


・2016 : Will be adapted into anime (2nd series).