Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-

Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-

Directed by Masaharu Watanabe , Studio: WHITE FOX


An average boy with no special skills to note, leading out his life cooped up indoors, is summoned to an alternate world. He undergoes death over and over again as he tries to overcome his fate.


Subaru Natsuki is a shut-in youth who doesn't even bother going to school. One day, he is suddenly summoned to an alternate world. Unable to make his bearings, he has a run-in with a ruffian. He is saved by a young girl with beautiful golden hair and the power to control spirits. He wants to repay her kindness and decides to seek out an item she has lost. They fall prey to some unknown force and are both killed. However, Subaru awakens to find himself back in the town he first met the girl in. Every time he dies, time rewinds and he is sent back to a given point. Using this as his only tool, he undergoes a tragic fate in order to help those around him.


This is the anime version of a popular manga published by MF Bunko J that sold over two million copies. The most signature aspect is the protagonist, Subaru. As if restarting over and over from a game's save point, whenever he dies, he is returned to a fixed point in time. He retains his memory and can set back the clock on things that have happened. This plain youth has no other special skills beyond this, but he meets a girl in the other world whose life he vows to save. Seeking to make that happen, he keeps failing, sometimes getting downtrodden, as he slowly inches forward. There is something pathetic about him, but the catharsis at seeing him finally break through is huge.